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f8 Published in Canadian Photography Magazine


COLLECTIVES: A Tale of Two Cities

Check out the Fall 2017 issue of Canadian photography magazine photoed to read article  'Collectives’ by J. Brown in which f8 was invited to collaborate with a Fredericton-based photography collective, Silverfish. For two weeks, we engaged in a fun game of photo 'ping-pong’ in which  a member from one group challenged a member of the other to respond with one of their photos to an image thrown down for the challenge. An experimental activity coordinated by photoed’s new editor, Rita Godlevskis, it was an interesting exchange of beautiful images that got  creative juices flowing and motivated much thinking about the various elements that contribute to a photograph’s visual impact and interpretation.   

F8 intends to continue the photographic exercise amongst its own members…perhaps to be posted on Instagram? Stay tuned. 


Meanwhile, photoed has launched a COLLABORATIVE photo project, open to everyone, on Instagram. Check it out and get involved!  (Instagram @photoedmagazine//#photoedcollab)  

You can subscribe to photoed or purchase just one issue by going to the photoed website. See links below.


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photoed magazine can be found at most Canadian news and magazine stands and is published 3x a year…Spring, Fall & Winter. Fall 2017 is this publication’s 50th issue.