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About f8

DSC 0188
Willow Weep For Me sm
Red Skyline
Riding the Wave #2
Triathlon 1 (sized small)
2010 November - Untitled - Rusted Streetcars (Halton, ON)
WAA April 2011- John Wallace - Strolling in Prague
Jude Marion University

News Update 2021 

F8 at the Dignam Gallery in November 

F8’s last show was at the virtual Toronto Outdoor Art Fair in the summer of 2020. Like other art groups, we have been eager to participate in a live in-person exhibition. 

With the pandemic winding down, we are delighted to let you know that we have organized an in-person exhibit at the Dignam Gallery for early November. 

As in so many areas, though, the pandemic has engendered change. Long time members Natalia Shields, Felicity Somerset, Margit Koivisto and              Jude Marion are leaving the group to devote more time to individual pursuits. 

We are pleased that three exciting photographers will be joining the remaining core members in the November exhibition as guests: we welcome Kersti Meema, Colleen Pollock and Anthony Schatzky to exhibit with us in the November show at the Dignam Gallery.    

More show details to follow in September. Stay tuned!  

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f8 is an artistic collective that consistently challenges and supports each member to produce and exhibit high quality photography.

Our History:

Formed in 2010, we are a Toronto based photography collective, with origins in the east end...the Beach, Riverdale and Scarborough. Today, though a few of the original members have moved outside of the GTA, they remain very much a part of the group. Since our first exhibit in April of 2010, at the Dignam Gallery on 23 Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto, we have mounted 18 additional shows. Still going strong in 2020, we have exciting plans for the Collective's future! 

An eclectic group of photographers, each with a personal and unique artistic vision, in common we share current or past membership with the Beach Photo Club and a passion for the photographic arts. Occasionally, when one of our permanent members is unavailable to participate in a show, we invite a guest photographer to exhibit in their place.

Today, the f8 Collective includes seasoned amateurs, emerging artists and working professionals; all in their own way, dedicated photographers. With most exhibits, we rise to the challenge of creating a body of work around a new theme, ever    reaching to better our personal best. 


It is the Collective's vision to be acknowledged by artists, art lovers  and critics as creators of must-see photography.


All images by f8 Photography Collective members are protected under the Copyright Law legislated by the Government of Canada.  An image may not be reproduced in any form without the express written consent of the individual photographer.                                      

The consequences of infringing the copyright law can be civil or criminal, and are set out in the copyright legislation.                                                                                             

To learn more about Artist Protection by Copyright please visit the Government of Canada Website.